Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Vibram Bikilas have arrived!

It's Like Christmas again for Poppabear!

Let me first of all say, they got her quick.  There was no long wait while my order sat around the warehouse waiting to be filled.  Ordered. Filled. Shipped.  Thumbs up.

The packaging was very well done.  Shipped in a regular shoe box but with a plastic shipping sleeve around it to protect it from snow and weather.  I'm glad they did this, as there is 3 feet of snow outside, and they would have sat in it on my porch for hours.

I opened the box and managed to shoot this picture before I couldn't wait any longer, and slipped them on.
The fit was perfect right out of the box!  No pinching, no binding.  Perfect!  I followed their sizing instructions right on the Vibram website.  They came out absolutely perfect. It was a great temptation to go for a run right then and there, but all the info on starting barefoot running has told me to take it slow.  Poppabear listens.

Some features I absolutely adore...

1. They feel completely natural.  They move with the natural action of my feet.  If feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.

2. Achilles tendon notch.  A problem with every shoe I've had, has been my achilles tendon rubbing against the shoe.  With a very simple design aspect, Vibram has solved this for me.

 3.  Flexible grip.  The whole reason I bought the shoe.  It adds protection without losing sensation of the running surface.

4. One strap fitting.  Makes the shoe tight and form fitting.

To sum it all up...
These shoes are like none I've ever worn before.  They are as light as air and as responsive as my own feet.  I can feel the running surface without rocks and other debris digging into my flesh.

I will be wearing them every chance I get for the next week to get my feet used to them.  Then, I will be hitting the treadmill for short runs, and building up distance and speed.  I am already using them in my kettlebell conditioning.  I have to say, my stance has never been more stable, and responsive.

I am a convert.