Monday, February 14, 2011

Kettlebell Fatloss Training

Well my friends, the first 30 days of Poppabear going primal are in the books.  I'm not sitting back and opening a Mt Dew and chewing on a snickers bar to celebrate.  Instead I'm moving right into the next 30 days and stepping up my fatloss training program.

I was inspired to take this step both by my amazing Beachbody Coach Mike French, and this excellent article by Dragondoor.  Check them both out!

The important concept I want to share with you today is the difference between a workout, and training.
A workout is engaging in an activity with the drive of reaching exhaustion.  The exhaustion is the drive.  Training is engaging in an activity with intent of growing nearer to a goal.  So, with this new philosophy in mind, I will no longer say I am working out to lose weight.  I am training for fat loss.

Look at your fitness rotation and tell me.  Are you working out and going through the motions, or are you training for a result and towards a goal?

Okay, it's a simple concept, and I don't think we need to spend any more time on it.  I'll let that rattle around in your heads a bit.  Here is my training rotation I will be following for the next 2 months.  If there are any changes that come up I will post them as they happen.  I am keeping it simple and focused.

Training Rotation:
Feb 14 – Apr 14

Hit target weight of 170
15 a side full get ups
200 2h swings (50 – 100 straight)
15 a side clean press

Rasputin (16kg Kettlebell)
Primal nutrition

Kettlebell Strength training 3x a week
Running for distance and/or sprints 3x a week
Recovery 1 day a week

Strength training results and running times/distance will be kept in a training journal (s).
Weekly weigh in on Sunday morning.
Proper form will be observed at all times. 
Sloppy form on movements will not count toward rep totals.
Training numbers will be posted on blog, facebook, and group messages.

Once KB lifting requirements are made I will be allowed to purchase a DragonDoor 53lb kettlebell.
Improved core stability
Improved balance
less fat, more lean muscle

As I said, I am keeping this simple, but it is very focused.  There is room for change and improvements.  Feel free to send me suggestions.