Sunday, January 30, 2011

RKC strength training update: Rowan's First KB Workout!

Kettbell conditioning done! Me: 5 sets fo 20 rep 2 hand swings. 5 a side 1/2 turkish get ups. 2 sets of 10 reps each side lawnmowers. 35lb kettlebell - 5250 lbs moved. Rowan's 1st day: 3 sets of 20 reps 1 set of 15 reps two hand swings. 2 sets of 10 reps 1 set 6 reps and 1 set 8 reps lawnmowers. 15lb kettlebell - 1635 lbs moved! Yaaaay Rowan~!!!!
Half turkish get ups are frickin hard!! My arm is moving all over the place. My form is horrible.. I don't dare do more than 5 a side while working on form or i'll crush my skull!>

The primal week that was:

1-24-11 to 1-30-11

Sitting here at my desk drinking a cup of maya black organic coffee, thinking it’s time for an update.

What a busy week.  So much reading and research done!  Also spent so much time (and money) in the kitchen working on new recipes with Mommabear.  We have never eaten so well!

 Biggest hit of the week was this Thai Green Curry recipe from Everyday Paleo Give it a try!

Lets go to the stats!
Primal day:14
Start weight: 187Lbs
End Weight 188 Lbs.

Net poundage gain of 1 lb.  But that’s sure not fat~!

But, weight is not the most important aspect of this journey.  My yard stick is how I feel.  And I feel good!  My mind is clear and focused, my energy is up, without sugar crashes during the day .  When something needs done, I jump on it!! This is done with no processed sugars, or grains, only incidental dairy. (small bits in cooking).  I am sleeping better.  I don’t toss and turn at night waiting for hours before I drift off.  I will do a full posting on all the changes I’ve noticed at the 1 month mark.

I have started running with my  Vibrams Taking it very slow at the start.  As of today I’ve only put 4.5 miles on my feet while wearing them.  Everything I have read has said to take it slow… let your feet build up strength.  I see no reason to go to fast and get injured.  So far, there has been ZERO discomfort with them.  No aches in my arches or heels.  Walking on hard wood floors barefoot for 7 years seems to have paid off.

This week I have started My RKC conditioning (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) with Rasputin, my 35lb (1 Pood) kettlebell.  I will be using it for all my strength training through the winter until I can get outside.  I love working the Kettlebell!  And I give thanks to my friends Dan Merk and Mike French for introducing me to it.

My youngest daughter, Rowan, has also decided to join me in kettlebell conditioning.  She has made purchase of her very first Kettlebell.  A nice little 15 pounder that she has taken to calling, “Little John.”

I will be traveling this week. Exercise will be difficult, I will be making use of  treadmills, elliptical machines, or what ever I can find in hotels along the way. I am not fond of going out for long runs in cities I don’t know.  Especially not in the winter.  I have yet to tackle winter running.

Posts to look forward too in the following weeks:

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Several rants about crap food.

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And many more!