Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making it Natural

Okay, so here’s a hard one.  How do we make natural come natural?  Our lives are so busy, so full of stress, so full of super important crap that we just cant forget about for just one second.  How are we supposed to relax, eat right, and exercise also?

We have to make it natural and forget about it.  It’s not  “I’m on a diet” it’s just how I eat.  Lets all take a deep breath for a second and get our minds clear.  This is bound to be a rambling post, but bare with me.

The easiest way to make a massive life change is to embrace it, make the change, and forget about it.  Figure out what works, and once you have that set in your skull, make the change and don’t spend anymore time thinking about it, but be ready to absorb new info as it comes in.

Example: 1
I have read both Mark Sisson’s The primal blue print, and Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution.  I’ve read through all the chewy science bits, looked at them and said, “Well, that makes a lot of sense. I agree.”  And after that I don’t worry about it.  It may be easier for me to dump large quantities of info out of my skull once I read it and make my judgment.  But, it works.  Sure, if I ever have to give a talk on the subject of insulin in front of a large group I will have to do some quick cramming.  But, until that happens I am not going to stress over it.

Example: 2
It is so much easier to remember a small list of things that I don’t want to eat rather than 30 reasons why they are bad for me for every food on that list.  I can navigate the basic reasons with little thought, and that’s all anyone who asks what this whole primal/paleo thing is all about wants to hear anyways.  If they want more info, I point them to the experts.  The massive amount of information available to us can be overwhelming.

These are my own little ways of relaxing, and avoiding stress.  This approach has worked very well for me.  If I’m not worrying about the reasons, or second guessing facts I’ve already agreed with, the entire lifestyle is so much easier.  So much more natural.

Oh, this doesn’t at all mean I have quit learning about the paleo/primal lifestyle.  Far from it.  I read around 20 blogs a day, chat on Facebook with primal friends, tweet my little tweets back and forth with the community, and of course educate others in the BASICS.  But it is relaxed, there is no stress.  I don’t worry about when I’m going to eat, what I’m going to eat, when I’m going to train, or if I’m training too much. 

Just relax my friends, and enjoy the ride.

As I’ve said, this was going to be a rambling post.  The words were falling out of my head faster than I could organize them.  I would love to hear any thoughts you all might have on this subject.

By the way... I do quite a bit of chatting and posting on Facebook and twitter, as I have said above.  If you would like to send me a friend invite please do, or you can follow me on twitter @PoppabearsCave.