Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Primal week that was

And what a week it has been! I am on day 37 of my 30 day primal challenge as we speak, and have been taking this last week to drive my efforts up a notch.  This week I began training in earnest to reach my fitness goals.  To this end, I’ve gotten a new coach, A man who inspires me with his fitness approach, Mike French.  It’s a good two for one deal, as his wife Tami French is also an amazing coach and helps me out as well.
I have really been reaching the intensity I’ve been searching for in my training sessions lately.  It’s not just going through the movements any more trying to get finished.  It’s focused and every rep is as close to perfect as I can get it.

The RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) conditioning is coming along very nicely, I feel stronger every day!  I really want to push myself and buy a heavier Kettlebell, but I have a training plan and am going to stick to it until I can make the requirements, which are:
200 2hand swings (done)
20 a side Clean & Press (done)
20 a side snatches (done)
15 a side Turkish get ups (not done!)

So the Turkish get ups are the focal point for progress here.  I have found a very good youtube tutorial on them here.

The running has been coming along smoothly, I have increased my distance to 4 miles, which I ran 2x this week in my Vibrams.  I finally got into the zone and it felt so good, to run by myself through the woods listening to my 80’s rock on Pandora.  At one point I was starting to flag a bit around mile 3, when “eye of the tiger” came on.  I laughed out loud and picked up the pace.

Here is the numbers for week 5:
192 week 1 weight
185 week 4 weight
183 current weight

Another nice easy 2 pounds dropped this week.  Well on my way to my goal of 170.