Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Nutrition Holy Wars

Paleo, Primal, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Raw Foods, Whole Foods, Low Carb, FDA Pyramid…

What’s your food religion, and what’s your side?

Which ever you choose, you’re a heretic to the others.  Your opinions are openly disdained or mocked.  You are a crack pot.  Your research is faulty.  You are a sheep following a fad.  But… you can be saved, if you just change to the way we do things.
You can be redeemed if you follow the one true path to health… Our path of course.

(What ever their path is)

Trying to change someone’s choice of nutrition is like trying to change the face of God.  There is going to be a fight.

I am just as guilty of this as the next fanatic.  I have found my path, the research pans out, I feel good, my energy is up, my mind is clear, and I’m losing weight.  I am content.

And I’ll defend my choice with words and swords.  And, I’m a bit more outspoken than most.

So, it comes down to this choice.. Educate, and convert… Or destroy and divide.

We can try to be the bigger Man/Woman and turn the other cheek when we are faced with a statement so asinine, we stand there slack jawed, and full of pity for the speaker. 

I think that’s a young mans game.

 The older I get, the less apt I am to listen politely to the foolish, once I’ve figured out they have no intention of giving me equal time to tell them my opinion.  Once a person has stated they have no respect for your opinion, you are no longer bound by politeness to listen to theirs. Yes, you can borrow that one.

So, what has started me off on this rant?

Two fitness experts, that I deeply respect, have jumped the shark.  I won’t name names, as I still have ties in that fitness community.  One is a vegetarian who pushes that lifestyle to excess, and has a following of millions for his fitness program.  The other has published a blog entry on the gluten free/grain free hoax.  Both have bothered me to the core, and shaken my faith in an entire product line. 

Because I’ve found the true path.  And like any new convert I’m ready to defend my faith.

With words and swords.

Welcome to the war.