Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What will you eat when the zombies come?

What I mean is….

How important are your eating morals going to be when there is no commercial foods available.  Will you let your children starve because there is no Tofu, or when the only thing you have to eat is a deer that you will have to kill and harvest yourself?  

Will you cry and tear your hair out in anguish of the act that filled the stomachs of your family?  Or will you thank the gods for the gifts of food that fill our world.  Fresh meat, veggies, fruit, nuts?

If you would change the way you eat to survive at the end of the world, are your morals that deeply a part of you?

There are lots of reasons why folks choose to eat vegetarian, here is the basic breakdown I have encountered.


It is cruel to eat meat, but vegetables have no soul and are therefore exempt from mercy.

I am protesting the conditions animals are kept in by denying their worth as a food source.


Evolution is a theory, and we were made in the image of god, who told us not to kill.

We can get the nutrients we need to survive by eating lab enhanced abominations of tofu/veggie/burgers which are superior to natural nutrition in every way.

These are broad brush strokes of the types I have encountered.

None of these reasons stand up to my thought process.  But they don’t have to.  I’m not going to try and change the way anyone is eating. (Except my daughter. Her, I have control over). My time and energy can be used for better ends than tormenting others.  Besides I have come to an epiphany.

The less people who eat grass fed meat, the more is left for me, and my family.

You can have my share of tofu, I’ll take your steak.



  1. Okay I've almost got this whole thing out of my system.. There will be less and less posts about moral eating choices. this is all part of a new convert, and we tend to be more outspoken until we settle into our new lifestyle. Heh, be patient with me.

  2. LOL! I hear you ... it's all part of the detox process :-)

    If you think you have control over your daughter ... think again my friend, big mistake! If you can consider it a partnership the road will be less stressful - take it from one who knows and learned the very hardest way.

  3. Actually you are right Cavegirl. We involve her in the food choices, and menu. she gets a vote. but those votes do not include grains and sugars. She understands that I will NOT buy her soda, chips, dip, or noodles. I love her too much to do that to her. I worry about about what she gets at school, and at friends house's but we are working on that.

  4. By the way, added your blog to my blog links, cause it's one of my favorites!

  5. "You can have my share of tofu, I’ll take your steak."

    That's a riot! Love it!

    I'll tell you what, if civilization collapses, most people are going to wind up starving to death, because they'd have no idea how to field dress anything. We see an example of this at the packing house we use at least once a season, where the guy who does the weighing is gutting someone's deer for them, either because they don't know how, or because they don't want to do it. I'm lucky in that my uncle taught me, but there are books on the subject.

    One of the best:

    Don't be *too* strict with your daughter, or she'll find a way to get what she wants behind your back. My mother-in-law was telling me how a childhood friend of my husband's, who's parents were vegetarian, would raid their fridge for meat every time he came over to play >_<

  6. yea Tonya, I know I'm fooling myself about how much control I have over my daughters eating. I can guide her, and tell her the reasons why. She's pretty mature for her age and will self regulate very well. We told her she can only have 1 soda a day, and she stuck to that.. until I stopped buying it.
    Thanks for the link on field dressing, I will check that out!