Friday, June 3, 2011

Beehives Ordered!

I have just placed my order for my first 2 bee hives!  I'm very excited about this as I've been reading about beekeeping for over 10 years.  I've also found a local bee keeper who has taken me under his wing and is allowing me to help him with his hives.  Hands on training is the best way to learn!  I hope they will arrive tuesday of next week.  That gives me a week to assemble, paint and set them up before my nucs are ready for pick up.  A nuc is a 5 frame bee package with a queen, workers, and drones.  It is a jump start to a hive rather than a 3 to 5 pound bee package.  The frames have brood, pollen, and honey reserves on them already.  I don't expect to have any surplus honey this year for my mead making... but next year there will be many many pounds of golden goodness!  There will be a special blog post with pictures on the assembling of the bee hives.

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