Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Primal Day 10 Update.

Primal day 10:
Nutrition has been spot on, except for a few minor indiscretions with Guinness Stout. I do need to eat more though, and pick up some ketosis strips to see if I'm in fat burning or have put myself into starvation mode. I'm just not hungry. (It happens every time I eat clean) My body is getting used to this nutrient dense food, and is too sated.  I’m not having any energy crashes or brain fogs.  So, it cant be all bad.

Vibrams should be here this evening! I will do an unboxing on them later.  I am going to start up slow with them.  I have been doing a lot of reading on how to get started with barefoot/minimum running.

Energy and mental clarity is waaaaaaay up!  With renewed energy also comes the desire to move more and work out more.  I have been going over the basics of kettlebell work again, and will make that the focus of my strength training for the next few weeks.

That’s where I’m sitting right this moment.  Weight down, energy and mental clarity up!


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  1. That pic is from the start of my first P90x round where I was tipping the scales at 220lbs.